"When HGM began in 2002, I told God that I would go wherever He told me to go and walk through the doors that He opens. I am still striving to fulfill my promise. When Janis and Ferrel Minick contacted me in 2008 to tell me of their desire to expand their ministry efforts in the Philippine Islands, I was intrigued, and their was a witness in my spirit to help them with whatever God had spoken to them to do. We are very happy to have the Minick's join HGM as the Philippines Country Directors. Please take time to become familiar with their ministry to the Philippine Islands. God may lead you to become a faithful supporter of this new and exciting HGM ministry" - Jason Rapert, Founder & President of HGM.


The Republic of the Philippines is an island country located in Southeast Asia with Manila as its capital city. The Philippines is comprised of 7,107 islands but the island where Manila is located has captured the hearts of Ferrel and Janis Minick. The reason is because of their relationship with Pastor Jamie Valencia and his family who live near Trece, which is a small town on the southern tip of the island.

Ferrel and Janis Minick have been married for 33 years and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. They have been involved in Christian ministry throughout their lives, teaching various Sunday School classes for children and adults. Ferrel has also served on two church boards. Their passion has always been for missions with an emphasis on the Philippines. For 30 years they have corresponded and personally supported a Philippine pastor, James Valencia, since he was in Bible college. In May, they had the opportunity to meet with James and his family for the first time face to face. They were so impressed with his ministry and outreach that they have committed themselves to help support their work in a greater way.

The Lord brought these two families together in an amazing way!

How the Lord brought these families together is amazing. About 30 years ago Ferrel and Janis had a pastor that broadcasted his sermons to the Philippines. At that time Jamie was attending Febias Bible College pursuing his dream to become a pastor. Jamie had a roommate that wrote a letter to the American pastor asking for prayer. At that time, Janis was one of the volunteers in the church helping the pastor answer letters that came to him. She responded to the young Bible student. Several months went by and Jamie wrote her a letter informing her that his roommate had passed away and he had found her letter and wanted her to know. This started their correspondence with Jamie for over 30 years. In May of 2008, Ferrel and Janis traveled to the Philippines to meet the Valencia family for the very first time. They were so impressed with the scope of Jamie and Neth’s ministry and their passion to bring people to Christ, they are even more committed to help this family and are thankful to Holy Ghost Ministries for sharing their vision.

Jamie Valencia graduated from college and began his mission to be a pastor. He is poor and has always ministered to the very poor. Two years ago he started Back to Jesus Christian Fellowship(BJCF) in the Regina subdivision where he lives. Because Jamie has no means of transportation, he and his wife, Neth, started home Bible studies during the week and then meeting at their home on Sundays. The church’s meeting place is in Jamie and Neth’s yard. To provide some protection from the weather they put up wooden bracing and covered it with scrapes of metal and nylon tarps. They soon began reaching many people near their home. With the help of young people in their church, they started an outreach in Southville, which is a community about 2 miles away that is made up of about 16,000 families relocated by the government from the squalors of Manila. These people live in one room block housing and get 2 hours of electricity each day. Many of the families have 4 to 8 children. Most of the men are bused to Manila where they work for extremely low wages and come back to their families about every 3 weeks.

Jamie and Neth are committed to reaching this area through home Bible studies and providing Sunday School and worship services each Sunday afternoon. Their gatherings are all outdoors because there is no meeting facility available at this time.

What the Valencia's are doing now.

Pastor Valencia and his wife, Neth, started a church 2 years ago in the area of Trece, Cavite. This church just meets in an open structure covered by tin next to their home but they also have an outreach in an area called Southville which is made up of about 16,000 families that were relocated from the slums of Manila. These families are extremely poor living in one room block housing with electricity only 2 hours a day. Each family has 4 to 8 children with no means of education or medical. They exist on rice and many are hungry.

The Needs:

Transportation - a van is needed for Jamie and Neth to reach the people of Southville. This would allow them to transport workers and bring people together for Bible studies, prayer meetings and fellowship. At this time they have no means of transportation. Because the weather is very humid and often has rainfall, a van would be a tremendous help to their ministry. It would cost about $16,000 for a 15 passenger van.

Computer and Printer - Every thing is done manually and this would greatly help in sermon preparation, home Bible studies, training material, church financial reports and various activities. We are estimating the cost to be approximately $1,200.

Completion of the Regina Chapel - This would require extending the roof to allow more seating space, lumber for walls and adding a concrete floor so when it is raining, it will not be so muddy. Our best estimate is this can be done for $1,000.

Monthly Support - Monthly support for the church which would allow the church to provide rice to members that are unable to even buy an adequate amount to feed their families. Many of the children of Southville are hungry and rice is the basic staple for families. It could also help members in times of illness because none of the people receive medical attention. Any amount donated for the church would be a great help.

A Word from the Minicks

We covet your prayers for the Valencia family and their church. We believe that God is raising them up in this area so that many will come to know the saving grace of faith in Jesus. If the Lord impresses you to give to this ministry, you can make your donation to Holy Ghost Ministries and just note it for the Philippines.

The needs in this area are tremendous but we are believing that God will provide and use us to make a difference in the lives of these precious people. - Ferrel & Janis Minick